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Straightforward e-book conversion tool with support for the most used formats
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The e-books you buy for your Kindle, Nook, or Kobo readers are wrapped up in powerful DRM schemes that prevent you from enjoying your lawfully acquired books in other platforms. Epubor eBook Converter Ultimate will circumvent all those schemes for you and will turn your e-books in, for instance, Mobi format into EPUB e-books that you can read on your favorite Apple device.

This unlocking functionality may not be exclusive to this tool, but what sets Epubor apart from other e-book decryption and conversion apps is the fact that the entire process is embedded into the program’s conversion functionality. This means that you won’t need to add any plug-ins or add-ons to your Epubor conversion tool to unlock your e-books before converting them into another format – it all happens during its one-click conversion process.

Books can be imported directly from your device. Just connect your Kindle or your Nook e-reader to your computer and let the program search for your books. If some of them haven’t been properly synced beforehand, you can add them to the list manually. Other e-books can also be dragged and dropped onto the program’s main interface to add them to the conversion list. You can edit your e-books’ metadata before converting them into another format. You can complete any missing information about your book, from the cover to the synopsis, or from the publisher’s name to your personal rating of the book. After that, you are just one click away from launching the batch conversion process.

Some of you may miss a more comprehensive conversion functionality and probably a more extensive set of metadata. I did, too. At least until I realized that it is not Epubor’s conversion or editing functionality that makes it an e-book conversion tool worth exploring – it is precisely its decrypting capabilities, and the way they have been embedded in the whole process, that make Epubor eBook Converter Ultimate an excellent choice to convert DRM-protected e-books.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all the most widely used e-book formats and devices
  • Imports books directly from supported devices
  • Supports basic metadata
  • Removes DRM schemes from Kindle, Nook, etc
  • Simple EPUB fixing tool


  • Limited conversion functionality
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